My projects and experiences

  • Image of SOSI parser in Rust

    SOSI parser in Rust

    A parser for the SOSI format written in Rust. A side project to learn Rust while also creating a parser for a widely used format in Norway.

  • Image of Deputy Commander - Hackerspace

    Deputy Commander - Hackerspace

    The deputy commander, together with the lead and the financial manager, have the responsibility to administer the organization. This includes having equipment available for students, organizing events like the general assembly, and creating an environment for students to learn.

  • Image of Ei Solutions

    Ei Solutions

    Created the Back-end for a automatic EU taxonomy reporter. I also created the landing page.

  • Image of DevOps Team Leader - Hackerspace

    DevOps Team Leader - Hackerspace

    For a year I managed the DevOps team at Hackerspace NTNU. I had responsibility for the development lifecycle, server infrastructure and the team's well-being.

  • Image of Programmer with Index

    Programmer with Index

    Worked as a Back-end developer for index.

  • Image of Trying out Quantum Computing

    Trying out Quantum Computing

    Followed a course on Quantum Computing and tried out some algorithms with the Qiskit Python library.