My acquired knowledge, skills and technology I use


Icon of Django

I have used Django in various projects in Index, Hackerspace, and Ei Solutions. It has been my Go To framework for backend developement because of its simplicity, scalability, and effeciency.

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Icon of Java

Java was used extensively at NTNU and was often required for school projects with Spring Boot, Maven and more.

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Icon of Python

Python was my my first introduction to programming with a purpose. It has been used with my projects in Django. It was also used in the CS50-AI course with Tensorflow.

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Type Script

Icon of Type Script

Typescript has been used in all web development projects. In high school, I was introduced to Javascript, but after learning Typescript, I have understood that I can never go back

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Icon of PostGIS

This Postgres extension has been used to store and query spatial data in Ei Solutions. Postgres with PostGIS is by far the best relational geospatial database. As of now, I have only stored with the geographic type which does not support all available functions.

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Icon of Docker

I have used docker in various projects in Index, Hackerspace, and Ei Solutions. It has been was very useful in both development and deployment. Yet, it is so complex to master. My skill with Docker centers around using Compose and creating Dockerfiles.

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Icon of QGIS

In Ei Solutions, I used QGIS to convert vector and raster data to a PostGIS database

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Icon of Next.js

This SSR framework was used to build this website in addition to the landing page for Ei Solutions.

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